From concepting & directing photoshoots, activations, and more, the work that the Audi team and I created over the last year and a half has helped the brand’s following consistently grow on Instagram from 8 million to 14 million followers.


A8 - Miami South Beach

The Audi A8 is not just any regular car you drive around, it’s a car you’re driven around in. Which is what brought us to tour the beautiful Art Deco of Miami’s South beach with photographer Christopher Hainey.

A8 - CGI Grid

For the launch of Audi’s new technological advancement, the A8, we decided to meet technology with technology by creating the first ever Audi CGI grid.

E-tron - Super Hero’s Lair

The e-tron is the latest superhero in the Audi cinematic universe. To capture that, we created our very own comic book grid. In collaboration with photographer Webb Bland and illustrator Andrew Archer we told the story of the e-tron in it’s lair.

S4 - Urban Playground

The S4 is an intro to luxury vehicle that quickly turns any mundane urban area into an urban playground. We partnered with award-winning photographer Reuben Wu to capture that story.

A6 - Arcosanti

The A6 is a vehicle with many beautiful curves and shapes. To dramatize its unique angles we focused on the architectural play between itself and Arcosanti with photographer Webb Bland.